Complaint to ASA re: TFL “See Their Side” Campaign

Complaint as follows:

This advert falsely implies that road safety is a joint responsibility, and that the risks imposed by different road users are the same.

This is completely unacceptable.

A car being driven at 30mph through a city imposes many thousands times greater risk on a pedestrian or a cyclist than either of the latter can do on the car occupants.

There is no evidence to say that awareness campaigns like this work. This advert is a distraction from the far more important message, which is that drivers need to slow down, to look where they are going, and to avoid distractions.

Drivers drive on a revocable licence, and as such, they must be aware of all other road users. Pedestrians and cyclists have a right to use the roads, irrespective of their age, or their health condition, and irrespective of whether or not they have a disability. This is why the driver has to look out, even if other road users are not taking care.

It is completely ridiculous to suggest that a driver nearly hitting a cyclist is an anxiety issue for the driver. It is deeply alarming for the cyclist, because they would come off far worse if there is contact.

The gender stereotypes imply an aggressive male against a more passive female. This makes no consideration that the risk comes from the machine being operated, not from the gender of the operator.

Evidence from user submitted videos shows us that the vast majority of aggressive driving is from male drivers.

Original ad:

TfL ‘See Their Side’




One reply on “Complaint to ASA re: TFL “See Their Side” Campaign”

As with the derided DfT video ‘Monier Street’ there is the typical ‘flash-clip’ storyboard, that seems to have no context to the actual sequence of events, or convey any real learning or message

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