Coventry to become World First “Cycle Only” City

New leaked documents from Coventry City Council show that the city is trying to achieve something that no other city on earth has achieved before, and become the world’s first “bicycle only” city by 2030.

Coventry are looking to make 100% of journeys within the city centre by “cycle” within just 9 years, as part of its dramatic Covid recovery policy.

It is believed that the council will allow drivers to drive into a range of park-and-ride facilities around the edge of the city, and that visitors will still be able to use buses, trains and the new “very light rail” trams in order to travel from these park-and-ride facilities to other locations in the city, but the aim is simply that 100% of all journeys which start and end in Coventry will be taken by “cycle”.

“Cycle” will include not just regular bicycles and electric bicycles but any form of lightweight device, including skateboards, scooters, electric scooters, mobility scooters, tricycles, cargo bikes and any adapted device.

However, council leader George Dugout is understood to have revealed further details in a leaked zoo meeting, which showed that in order to encourage cycling, all forms of walking and other pedestrian movement will be banned.

Dugout said:

“We are City of Culture in 2021 and we’ve been widely criticised for doing absolutely nothing for cycling up until now, and we want to go forward with Coventry’s amazing historic cycling legacy

“As long as people use some sort of device in order to speed up their mobility, then this will be perfectly legal, so what we are advising neighbours who simply want to visit each other for a cup of post-covid coffee is just to grab a pogo stick and then just a hop around next door – this will still be legal, but walking will not be.”

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