Necessarily Negative

Necessarily Negative is going to be one of the recurring themes of this blog.

Do I have to keep talking about all the down sides of trying to walk cycle in this city?

Yes, of course I do. I am blogging about traffic anxiety and the problems this causes with getting around. I can’t talk up the positives of walking or cycling until such a time that I can go out and go places and have a reasonable expectation that I won’t encounter situations which cause aggrivation.

It is the actions of individual drivers which make getting around this city a nightmare. It is Coventry City council which has repeatedly made decisions which have inflamed this situation and made it worse.

Does that mean I have to be negative about everything? No, of course not. Within the scope of a longer conversation or a response to a consultation, there’s always space to talk up the positives. I will elaborate on all of this in future posts.

Why don’t I even bother with constructive criticism these days? This is largely because this is what I tried to do in the 40 or so times I have been to planning meetings to ask for improvements to development schemes. The final straw was when comments I made supporting a development “in principle” were taken as not objecting, when actually I was raising some very valid material concerns. In a city where the council is this cynical, there is little point wasting time dressing things up.

There are also other people in this city and elsewhere who are doing a great job to paint a positive picture. I fully support everything they are doing., but the council also still needs to be held to account.

That gives me even more reason to be Necessarily Negative here.

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